The Palate Jack®I am a freelance and contract writer for consumer and trade publications on the subjects of the American craft beer industry, classic styles, international beer trade, food-beer pairing, op-ed pieces. Currently I’m seeking literary representation for two book series. One is a three-volume cookbook series for beer-compatible foods, the other is a series on old school means of food and beverage production.

My passions of fine food and beverages both decry and belie my prudent Scottish heritage. In other words, my schism is the cerebration between abstemious genetics and a revelation of discovery.  I have planned and guided groups of beer fans and foodies in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, and the UK. I have explored local beers and ciders at festivals in the US, Canada, England, Wales, the BeNeLux, France, and Germany. One of my favorite things to do is to drive cross-country and explore out of the way cheesemakers, brewers, vintners, restaurants, and oddball museums.

Matt Stinchfield, Certified Cicerone® since 2009.

As a competing homebrewer, I am a winner of several National titles and National ranked beer judge under the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP). I am a Certified Cicerone® (beer sommelier program). As a professional brewer, I have expertise in traditional and modern brewing methods. Since about 2001, I have been a brewery safety consultant for breweries across the US.

I also possess experience in commercial restaurant operations as a sous chef, caterer, and in-home catering chef specializing in Latin American, Pan-Asian, New American/New Southwest, Seafood, and Vegetarian cuisine. My emphasis is on local, ‘slow food’ and ‘from scratch’ methods using fresh, local ingredients. Specialist in food-beer pairings and cuisine à la bière.

I am available for the following assignments. Please email me to discuss details.

  • Sensory consultation for restaurant or brewery staff
    • Staff training to enhance product appreciation and sales
    • Staff training on flavor fault detection and corrective action
    • Food-beer pairing analysis for restaurant menus
  • Journalism
    • Freelance assignments for consumer and trade periodicals
    • Book collaboration and research in core strength subjects
    • Food and Beverage Reviews on The Palate Jack web log
  • Public Events
    • Beer Tasting and Beer Dinner Engagements
    • Keynote Speaker at Festivals and Conferences
  • Safety and Health for Craft Alcohol Producers
    • Consultant to Breweries, Wineries, Distilleries
    • Confidential Auditing of Facility Practices
    • Loss Control Analysis for Owners and Prospective Purchasers
    • Written Program Development for Regulatory Compliance

Companies may send samples for evaluation on this site to the address below. Please confirm with me by email prior to sending anything… I want to be there to receive it and my travels may require shipping considerations.


Matt Stinchfield, The Palate Jack®

3621 Everett St., Lincoln, NE 68506

email me at: windstream.net as palatejack


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  1. Brian
    May 13, 2010 @ 18:44:55

    have you tried downtown cocktail room? supposed to be some great mixing going on there…


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