Extreme Beer Fest Photolog

This weekend’s little trip down the road to Omaha was really rewarding. This coming from a guy jaded by so many beer fests that he sometimes goes begrudgingly. Not this one, though. Things were off on the right foot, soon after arriving at the Best Western Seville Plaza. It was cheap, located in a neighborHOOD a mile and a half from the venue, so the cab fare wouldn’t break the bank. Better than that, they had a free van driven by a cool old dude named Larry who not only dropped me right at the joint, but he picked me up within minutes of a phone call after dinner after the festival. Big tips for ole Larry, for sure. Plus, the place was home to these gentile old southern gals, “Okay sugga” this and “what can I gitcha hon” that.

As for the beer fest, no more effusing, just pictures and few captions. They say it all.


Love those old farmer dudes. They enjoy their beer, not to mention that New Year's Eve dance where I saw them all doing Y-M-C-A!

Upstream brought on the goods. And I learned that jockey boxes were "fer leanin'".

Pretzel paradox.

Odells bringing on the Avant Peche. Too cooked and jammy for me... maybe if they served it on toast.

Enthusiastic volunteers and thirsty pilgrims. Not too many dumbass cloggers, too. If you mutter 'clogger' under your breath, most people will apologize and move away, unless they're loaded, in which case they can no longer hear.

"Why am I smiling? Don't be silly. Look what I'm serving!" For the record: St. Bernardus Abt and Tripel, Aventinus, etc...

Good job organizing and supplying able volunteers and plenty of good brews. See you next year. Cheers! TPJ


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