World Beer Cup Journal, Part 3

Web’l w/o a ‘Blog

Writing entries to a web log confounds writers like me. What is happening to language that web log contracted to blog? Why not web’l? It isn’t that web log is such a mouthful. Just say “www” three times fast and you’ll see what I mean. I think I’ll call them blahhgs.

I am one of those écrivains who had it beaten into his head to write in third person. For me, one mark of a good article is that the writer isn’t the point of the tale. Or, as my muse more directly puts it when reading amateur journalism, “I don’t care about you.” (‘You’ the writer, not ‘you’ the ‘me.’ She likes me, it turns out.)


But that is the niche of web logs isn’t it? They are at there best as a public diary. They are suited to opinion pieces, self-aggrandizing pulp and self-effacing doody. Web logs fit in well with today’s shameless electronic version of plagiarism. Why should anyone who grew up with wikipedia, ebay and the major news networks expect reliability? But hey, at least web logs are good for the proverbial people with too much time on their hands.

My friend Peter says I’m “long on principle.” (Is that an insult or a complement?) Why am I making such a stink over this? Well, it keeps coming up when I speak to journalist friends. They hate blahhgs because with all the free and editor-less content they provide, the value contributed by real journalists has diminished.

At the recent Craft Brewers Conference in Chicago I ran into some alums of the Brewing News stable. Sheesh, some of these guys still work for BN. Few of us made anything close to a living working for BN, but we all have a lot of great memories. And we at least made an effort to get the facts straight, tell an interesting story, and enrich the readership about beer.

So the Palate Jack web log is here and it is firmly in the first person. Considering that fact, I am glad to be re-engaging with my favorite publishers and editors. Those bits, for the most part, had better not be in the first person. Because underneath it all, why should you be thinking about me, the writer? TPJ.


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  1. deborah wood
    May 11, 2010 @ 14:26:09

    Dear Palate,

    Glad to see that you still love beer! I’ll send you some photos from the WBC that you can use on your blog if you want to.
    I love to judge beer at those events!




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